creating your character

Ok we will be using the point buy system located on page 169 of the DM’s handbook. you have 32 points to work with.

You may pick any race in the available sources or the house made races on the wiki with up to a +3 level adjustment. Your character will start with 6,000 xp, adjusting your level properly.

Your character will start with 5,400 gold or it’s equivalent in equipment from the accepted sources.

You do not have to make a bio, but there will be an xp reward for having a good bio. the more you account for all the things your char can do and possesses, the bigger the reward. This reward will be available at the start of play.representing the variance in your individual efforts torwards greatness). Also there may be thing you ask me for, that I tell you that you can have as long as you account for it in your bio. If you do not create a bio you obviously cannot have the item. Also if you make me fill in the blanks, I may fill them with poo.

After you have created your character, then create a forum thread dedicated to your character on your team specific site(remember not to put any info about your character on the neutral site). This thread is where you will keep and update character specific info. Your first post should be your character info followed by the possessions you carry and then a spell list should that apply. after that you can pretty much add what you want to your thread to help you remember about your character. please do not post on each others personal threads.

creating your character

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