The Free Sources available to use for the campaign will be the initial core books(DMG1,PHB1,MM1) the complete arcane, the complete adventurer, the complete divine, the complete warrior, and the Expanded Psionics handbook.. the only things in these books you can expect to not use are the rules that my house rules contradict.

Lightly Restricted will be the book of exalted deed, the book of vile darkness, the libris mortis, and the heroes of horror. things in these books involving taint or words of creation are prohibited. Also the races of destiny, races of stone and races of the wild are lightly restricted. feel free to request anything except what was mentioned from these books. just make sure to note on your character thread anything you use outside of the Free Sources.

You may request variant class effects and feats from the PHB2 and complete mage but I reserve the right to deny any of these.

magic item compendium will not be used until after play starts, with these exceptions, Corrosive, Acidic burst, Thundering, and Impact.(these and the enhancements in the DMG are common enough to assume you could have had these items created or come across them. Others you may have to seek out.) any other sources you want to use from i must have access to and you must request everything on an individual basis. (more to come)


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